Yes, fibre helps you poo. But researchers are finding even more superpowers in this secret fuel and venerable nutrient that your body craves.

More Active Years
Fibre may be a youth nutrient. People who ate 32g of fibre a day over 10 years were more likely to be “successful agers” (free of depression, cognitive decline and ageing issues such as heart disease) than those who didn’t hit that threshold, a 2016 Australian study found.

Fibre may control inflammation – the villain behind many diseases – by curbing hunger and post-meal blood glucose spikes.

Better Immunity
Men who consumed a fibre-rich diet reported feeling healthier than those who didn’t, a 2017 study in Food & Nutrition Research showed. Fibre may aid immunity, reducing your risk of inflammatory diseases.

But is feeling healthier the same as being healthier? Your perception of your health can be a powerful wellness influence, the researchers say. Stock up on whole grains and produce (and don’t forget nuts!) to steer clear of the doctor’s office

Deeper sleep
1 cup oats + 1 large apple + 1 cup split peas

People who hit 25g of fibre a day (combo above) got more deep sleep, a 2016 Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study found. In deep slumber, your day’s memories are stored and organised, says co-author, Professor Marie-Pierre St-Onge, leading to better cognition.

7 ways to eat 7+ grams of fibre

1 whole avocado = 14g

3/4 cup hummus = 11g

1 cup artichoke hearts, boiled, drained, without salt = 10g

1/3 cup rice-based Asian snack mix = 10g

1/2 cup almonds = 9g

1 cup boiled peas = 9g

1 large pear = 7g